I watched My hero Academia as a Designer

Warning: Spoilers ahead. Please proceed with caution. Still, I'll do my best not to ruin it.

So, last week, I watched an episodes of My Hero Academia (S05 E15);
Don’t worry if you haven’t seen it; this isn’t an anime review, but more of what value it gave.

To offer you some context, Izuku is a student at the best Hero Academy undertaking an internship at the no.1 pro hero agency all over Japan. So, in that episode, Endeavour (A Pro Hero) gives some great advice to Izuku Midoriya (Deku), which goes like:

People learn using parallel processing, everyday without realising it, your subconscious does the work

He mentioned parallel processing, which (in psychology) means we take in multiple different forms of information at the same time. He uses a great example to explain it,

Take the man behind the wheel of that car; he wasn’t born knowing how to drive, turning the wheel, pressing the gas and brake pedals, observing his surroundings, he learned those things individually, and then eventually learned to do them reflexively.

As a designer, we can take an example of learning different softwares (you guys are so obsessed with them ). Remember the first time you opened your design software and were overwhelmed by the interface? You didn’t even know how to make simple shapes and asked everyone to teach you. But how is everything going now? Much better right. If I ask you to make something, you can do it right away, without even thinking of keys you have to press or colors you have to choose, that’s the power of parallel processing.

Pick two things you wanna achieve, whether it’s learning how to use a software or picking up a new skill, it’s on you, and do a little bit of work everyday without being too focused on it. and when you’re done with it, work on something else. what you’re actually doing is, you’re allowing your subconscious to work on it this way. which will improve your overall learning without you even knowing it. That’s how we can use parallel processing for our good.

No matter how strong a power you may have, its foundation is built on a steady accumulation of skills, there are exceptions, but the majority of heroes build their abilities brick by brick.

Ask a question to yourself, Who is my favourite designer? Did they start designing cool meaningful things from the moment they were born? No, they worked on it, they spent their time developing these skills. They didn’t relied on one single skill, they learned a variety of them. That’s the reason you look forward to them today. Start working on yourself; instead of relying on a single skill, learn a variety of them using parallel processing; they will develop eventually. Don’t push yourself too hard; simply enjoy the process.

even if you're using the same concept you learned at school, real world experience is completely different, don't forget what you've picked up in class, but get used to being out here, cause this is real life

One thing many of us have realised is that the assignments and tasks we performed while learning and developing our skills have helped us in some way or the other, even though the situations we are dealing with today are problematic, difficult, and challenge our creativity in ways that are completely different from what we had before. But, again, this is real life; it’s a game you can’t pause, and you can only advance to the next level through planning, hard work, and patience. This unpleasant experience will either propel you forward or teach you lessons; either way, you’ll get something out of it. So, don’t be afraid to take on a challenging task; it’ll help you grow and develop your skills in ways you haven’t before.

That’s right, I’m chasing my dreams, increasing my power as quickly as I can. I’ll learn everything there is, one thing at a time, little by little, I’ll go beyond

I’m not sure why, but I feel so drawn to Izuku; perhaps it’s because we’re both chasing our dreams and pursuing our passions. Just like him, there’s something within me that pushes me to learn and explore every aspect of design; although, I won’t be able to do it in a single try; It’ll take continuous efforts and hardwork to achieve it but, I won’t give up.




Yes, I am 99% design, but I am also a million other things.

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Aniruddh Singh

Aniruddh Singh

Yes, I am 99% design, but I am also a million other things.

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